1AM is pleased to present, “Made in China”, opening on April 18th, from 6:30 – 9:30 PM. The show will feature works on paper, canvas, and posters by Chinese graffiti artists Xeme and Sinic. For their 1AM Gallery debut, they will explore the meaning of originality and challenge the line between what is authentic and what is fabricated.

Artists Xeme and Sinic constantly question what it means to be truly original. They have observed that, in China, most people do not care about originality, but are content with replicated versions of the original artifact. In “Made in China,” Xeme and Sinic juxtapose one-of-a-kind works with their fabricated versions, ultimately challenging the validity of both. Their tongue-in-cheek manipulation of pop culture imagery also investigates the idea of appropriating pre-existing images to create a new representation entirely.

Xeme and Sinic are both graffiti artists based out of Hong Kong. Inspired by the small Asian graffiti art community and by his Chinese heritage, Xeme began writing graffiti in 2001 and primarily works with letters and shapes that often transform Chinese calligraphy into a new art form. Sinic got his start in 2000 and since then has been constantly trying to break the boundaries of graffiti. He is also an organizer for urban street culture affairs and recently travelled for 50 days straight (more than 1,200 miles!) with China-based graffiti collective, IDT Crew, to paint on unconventional and uncharted surfaces.

The show will be on display until May 17th. If you have any questions or would like to preview the show catalogue, please email artsales@1amgallery.com