A visual tribute to the most gracefully rebellious souls, “Motel Mademoiselle” features a body of work that seduces you into an alternate reality where the Queen is King and the Lady is the Law… Join us for the opening reception on Thursday, August 25th, from 6:30-9:30pm.

Check in and celebrate a collection of women who invite you, through their eyes, into a vibrant and wildly uninhibited universe. Curated by Erin Jacobs, Motel Mademoiselle features multi-faceted works by Deb, Bud Snow, Elrod, Amanda Payne, Franceska Gamez, CHUNEED, Coneja, Nina (Girl Mobb), Yenta, Midnite Maven, & Moe Alvarez.

Motel Mademoiselle is a nod to noble women: youthful at heart and ageless in spirit, beautiful souls imagining luxurious dreams within the chaotic city scape. A curtsey to both the demure and the daring alike, Motel Mademoiselle is a bubbling toast to the daytime hustlers and renegade artists of the night. The ravishing. The radical.

For inquiries or catalog requests contact artsales@1amgallery.com.