The Composite Knowledge” was an exhibition curated by Mike Tyau that captured the evolution of graffiti writers to fine artists. The collection included works by Jaybo Monk from Berlin, Germany, Poesia and Sam Rodriguez from San Jose, CA. All three artists are from the network of, a website dedicated to documenting the progression of graffiti. “The Composite Knowledge” unveiled exceptional works by these three artists and showed the act of “compositing” by fusing the playful, unconscious process of painting with the techniques that they have gained over the many years of being fine artists and painting with a spray can. Immersed in the experimental, this exhibition aimed to excite and surprise fans, artists, and collectors, alike.

The Composite Knowledge” displayed how the intake and mixing of imagery is developed in each of the artists’ styles. The show exhibited a blend of realistic and abstract landscapes, shaped and created by the three artists in their paintings. Jaybo Monk, Poesia and Sam Rodriguez’s superior spray can skills as well as their remarkable talent to wield a paintbrush have achieved a perfect balance between two art forms, graffiti and fine art.  They are leading the charge to take walls down, push boundaries beyond their limits, and proving that graffiti successfully coalesces with fine art.

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